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Boost Your Team's Productivity & Success

As a Certified True Colors Master Trainer (one of only 5 in the world), I help organizational leaders unleash their team's potential through team-building workshops that boost morale and collaboration.



If you’re like many business leaders, you face a wide range of challenges that—if left unchecked—can undermine the success of your organization.

you want...

An inspired and motivated workforce...

Fewer conflicts and more cooperation...

To exceed sales goals and drive growth...


Your employees feel less connected and engaged…

You’re dealing with conflicts and low morale…

Your sales numbers keep you up at night…

How can you create a company culture that helps your employees and bottom line grow?

Maximize your company's greatest resource: your people.

True Colors Workshop

Based on the True Colors personality-typing model, this interactive and fun workshop will help your employees understand themselves and others so they can work well together.


When your employees understand and recognize differences that can lead to miscommunications and conflicts with others, their performance goes up—way up.


After a 3-hour True Colors workshop, you’ll be able to…

  • Boost your team's productivity

  • Improve communication + collaboration

  • Foster respect and appreciation of others

  • Develop assertiveness and empathy

  • Reduce conflict and emotional stress

  • Build a culture that attracts top talent

You'll create a winning culture of happier and higher-performing teams that are motivated to drive sustainable growth for your organization.

During a True Colors workshop, each participant will learn:

  • Their full personality spectrum and decision-making style

  • Their dominant color personality (Orange, Green, Blue, Gold)

  • The strengths and perspectives associated with that color

  • How to recognize the True Color of co-workers, bosses, etc.

  • How to apply these insights when collaborating with others


Each workshop participant will walk away with a personalized, 25-page report that describes their behavioral tendencies and provides powerfully effective tips for communicating with people of all personality types.

Join the 9,000+ individuals who have already transformed their organization’s culture through one of my True Colors Workshops! 

What are the True Colors personality colors?

In the True Colors proprietary methodology, the colors of Orange, Green, Blue, and Gold are used to differentiate the four primary personality types.

Orange: These individuals are fun, energetic, and spontaneous.
Green: These are visionaries who are intuitive and analytical.
Blue: These are empathetic, supportive, and compassionate.
Gold: These personalities are punctual, precise, and organized.

While we all have a dominant primary color, everybody has a full personality spectrum that draws from all four colors. Knowing this spectrum is key to building a diverse and thriving company culture.

Custom Workshops

If you’d prefer a workshop that’s not based solely on personality typing and rather focuses on one (or more) professional development topics, I can build a workshop that is hyper-tailored to your organization or group.

I offer interactive (and fun!) workshops on:

  • Communication

  • Teambuilding

  • Conflict Navigation

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Parenting

  • Leadership


No matter which topic you choose, your workshop participants will learn more about themselves and walk away with actionable tips to improve their skills.

Hi! I’m Dr. Renea Skelton

As a certified Life & Communication Coach with over two decades of experience, I help my clients use emotional intelligence and effective communication to achieve their biggest personal and professional goals.

Unlike other workshop presenters, I use an energetic, dynamic training style that keeps your employees fully engaged and HAVING FUN while they learn new concepts that will truly transform your business. 

With a PhD in Organizational Leadership and Emotional Intelligence, I call on decades of experience and credentialing to unleash the power of human potential and help people—and organizations—thrive.


No more in-one-ear-out-the-other, boring workshops! Bring your company’s professional development sessions to life and create real, lasting growth for your group members, employees, and company.

Ready to empower your team?

"True Colors is a life-changer for my nonprofit organization. With over 1,600 business reps, 11 board of directors, and staff of 3, True Colors helps me understand how to communicate with different personalities on a daily basis... I would strongly recommend you schedule Dr. Renea's services."

Lisa Flowers, CCE, IOM

President & CEO, Parker County Chamber of Commerce


"I absolutely love Dr. Renea! She gets me so well and is helping me form better relationships through her TrueColors workshop in my personal and professional life. I have so much fun too! Even my stubborn husband ended up coming out of his shell."


Taylor LePert
Owner, LilyBelle Design Co.

"Dr. Renea Skelton has a deep understanding of human behavior. When she delivers a workshop, she does so with kindness and understanding, while delivering some mic-drop moments. She helped me with leadership, team communication, and even helped me with family communication."

Dr. Tracy Boyd
CEO, Aligned Growth Solutions


What My Workshop Participants Say...

Personality Profiling Assessment

Get unique insights into your own personality type and decision-making style with a True Colors online personality assessment.

Everyone has a dominant personality color (Orange, Green, Blue, or Gold) and a full personality spectrum made up of all four colors.


Understanding your spectrum—and how it makes your personality so unique—will help you communicate more effectively with everyone in your life



What's included in your personality profiling assessment...

A personalized 25-page report describing your behavioral tendencies

30-minute Zoom deep-dive session ($300 value) to discuss the results

Tips on recognizing the dominant colors of other people in your life

Effective tips for communicating with people of all personality types


Trusted by...


Ready to transform your organization?

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