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Gain Confidence to Take Bold Action in Your Life

Ditch the “should’s” and the shame and create the life and work you crave. From private coaching to workshops and keynote presentations, I can help you play BIG!


Does this sound familiar?

You stay “stuck” because you think you’re not “enough”...

Your world is crowded with overwhelming to-do lists…

You’re under pressure to do all the things (and do them well)...

I get it, and I’ve been there. I draw on many years of hands-on experience and credentialing to help you create the life you desire—to play BIG!

Whether you’re a parent, a spouse, a professional, an empty-nester, or a leader of teams…I can help.

Find the clarity and confidence you need to stop "playing small" and TAKE ACTION in your life.


"RealTalk Women" Monthly Membership & Content Vault

Do you feel like you're constantly searching for answers, whether it's learning how to deal with your child(ren)'s behavior, connecting more deeply with your partner, or getting ahead at work?


Maybe you have it all together and you want to maintain the peace and work on yourself.


Enter... the "RealTalk Women" Monthly Membership and Content Vault. This is your tribe. A virtual community of women—who share your struggles—who aren't afraid of real talk about...well, anything! 

Plus, you'll have instant access to my best content with actionable tips and tricks on self-growth, parenting, relationships, and leadership (with weekly updates).

Private 1:1 Coaching

Get actionable solutions and a fresh perspective on life, parenting, relationship, or leadership challenges you're facing—choose one or more areas to focus on.

We’ll work 1:1 to identify the root causes of why you feel stuck and eliminate those roadblocks so you can move forward. Expect to feel safe, heard, and supported in a judgment-free environment.

Start with a single 60-minute coaching session to address a hyper-specific problem or—for a deeper transformation—choose a package of four, eight, or twelve sessions.


True Colors & Professional Development Workshops

Boost your team’s productivity with a customized workshop. With topics covering leadership, emotional intelligence, imposter syndrome—even personality styles—your team will learn effective communication, self-awareness, and how to work well with others. 

As a Certified True Colors Master Trainer (one of only 5 in the world), I’ve delivered energetic, engaging, and transformational workshops to 9,000+ people in the educational, government, and military industries.

Keynote Presentations & Speaking Engagements

Inspire and inform your audience with a unique and energetic keynote presentation that "flips the perspective" and energizes people to take action.

Whether you’re planning a conference, leadership summit, a women’s group meeting—even a virtual event—your audience will walk away with tools to improve communication, performance, and results.


“Dr. Skelton is phenomenal! I've been inspired by her genuine encouragement and positive attitude. The mentorship she provides is invaluable and I know I can go to her for authentic guidance."

Mealinda K.

Superintendent, U.S. Air Force Academy

"Renea exudes the enthusiasm and passion required of a great teacher. There's no doubt she's ALL IN at whatever she does. I'm proud to have worked with her and call her a friend!"

Bob V.
Founder, PowerPact Leadership

"Love Dr. Skelton! She’s knowledgeable and funny... As a small business owner, she makes me feel like I can do more and be more. Listen to her words of wisdom, they just may come in handy."

Rachael W.

Paralegal Services of North Texas, LLC

What My Clients Say...

  • What's the difference between a life coach and a therapist/counselor?
    Think of a life coach as a guide to your future. I'll help you figure out where you are now and where you want to go. Like a supportive friend, I'll make sure you stay on track and provide you useful, actionable strategies to reach your goals (forward-thinking). Therapists and counselors are more like detectives of your past. They dig into your history to understand why you think and act the way you do today. They uncover the mystery behind your behaviors and help you rewrite your story (past-thinking).
  • It seems like you only coach women. Do you coach men and children, too?
    Yes. Although I primarily coach women, I do have male and youth clients who benefit greatly from 1:1 coaching sessions.
  • What makes your coaching approach different from other life coaches'?
    My coaching methodology is not "cookie-cutter," and I use an unorthodox approach. I want my clients to not need me, meaning my goal is to turn you into your own life coach so that you can tackle life's challenges with confidence and clarity. You are a unique individual with a unique perspective and challenges. So, I do not use the same coaching approach across all of my clients. I tailor the tools, resources, and sessions to your journey and needs so that you get the most out of your time with me. I also provide session recordings for you to refer back to later, after-session notes with more insights from me, activities for you to put what you learn into practice, and supplemental materials that many life coaches (including therapists and counselors) do not provide.
  • What credentials do you have as a "Certified" Life and Communication Coach?
    I hold many certifications in life coaching and training, including the Emotional Intelligence EQ 2.0/EQ360 Certification from The EQ Development Group and the Master Facilitator Certification from the United States Air Force Academy. I also hold the following certifications: G.R.A.C.E. Coach (Gratitude, Respect, Accountability, Courage, and Engagement), Back of the Room Instructor Certification, Core Values Coach Certification, and Enhancing Human Capital Certification.
  • What does it mean that you're a "Certified True Colors Master Trainer"?
    I'm a True Colors Master Trainer (one of only 5 in the world), which means that I've earned all True Colors certifications: Elite Facilitator, Certified Facilitator, Team Building, Communication, Conflict Navigation, Consultative Selling, Teaching & Learning Styles, and True Parenting. Being a True Colors Master Trainer also means I can train others to become Certified True Colors Facilitators so that they can conduct their own True Colors workshops. The guidance I provide to my coaching clients is shaped, in part, by my True Colors expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

No matter how you choose to work with me, my personal mission is to help you unleash your potential.

Are you ready to stop "playing small"?

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