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Work on YOU... Everything Else Will Fall Into Place

Change begins with you. I'll help you bring out your innate brilliance and clarity so you can create a life with more joy and far fewer struggles.


I see you. You want...

To take time for yourself—and not feel guilty.

Others to see and hear the real you.

Deeper connections with your children.

To be a successful leader at work.

but in reality...

You’re juggling so many things—a full-time job, marriage, relationships, children, finances—all while trying to find time for yourself to just breathe.

It feels like you’re running on autopilot—you're there for everyone else, but you feel less like “yourself” than ever before. Something has to give…

But how can you justify taking time to think about what you want?

Can challenging the way you view yourself really ease this stress you feel?

Here’s the thing… When you work on YOU, everything else falls into place.

Give yourself permission to get the support you need to make meaningful, lasting changes in your life.

Hi! I’m Dr. Renea (Re-nay) Skelton

As a Life & Communication Coach, I empower overwhelmed women to become their own life coach so they can blast through roadblocks, end unhealthy people-pleasing, and be themselves—unapologetically.

My story (so far)...

Throughout my life, I allowed others to define success for me. I craved perfection and had a fear of failure (sometimes, even success). I felt like an imposter, as if I wasn’t living my life authentically—on my own terms.

​Thenas with most stories, tragedy happened. My mother unexpectedly died, and my world stopped. I had so many different emotions, and I didn't want to experience any of them.

So I became numb, questioning everything: my spirituality, my relationships, my future, my worth…and my identity. I allowed the roles I played in life—mom, wife, friend, employee—to dictate who I was. But that wasn’t who I was, deep down. 

I was asleep and needed to wake up. I wanted to “rediscover” myself. To finally serve me and not apologize for it. So I gave myself permission—and time—to become aware of who I was and what I wanted out of life

That's when it happened...

I became ME…and amazing things followed.

I defined “success” my way and became the author of my story.

I found courage to open my heart, love hard, and forgive quickly. 

I became a disruptor of the status quo, creating real growth.

I spoke up about the things hidden under the “masks” we wear.

I gained confidence to speak, even when my voice trembled.

I was no longer on auto-pilot. I had shifted my life into what it was meant to be: FULL of joy and not so hard!

When you show up with radical authenticity, your life becomes less of a struggle. It becomes a magnet for people, passion, and possibilities you never imagined.


Facts About Me...

  • My inspiration comes from my three amazing kids and being married to my best friend for 26 years

  • I’m a combat veteran and retired Air Force officer of 22+ years

  • I hold a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

  • I’m a "joy junkie" and can find delight in the simplest of things

  • Favorite Color: Glitter (anything bling, really!)

  • My clients call me the “People Whisperer”... seriously!

  • I wish I had a pet Quokka in my life (Google it, it will make you smile)

My Personal Mission

My passion is helping people break through limiting beliefs and tap into their full potential so they can go after what they really want in life!

Whether in a coaching session, a group workshop, or as a keynote on stage, my goal is to help you experience your own “aha!” moments and to challenge you through (uncomfortable) growth to design a life you love

With a hyper-focus on self-awareness and emotional intelligence (or how we manage our own emotions to communicate effectively with others and with ourselves), I will help you feel seen and heard as I guide you on your path toward a more fulfilling life—whatever that looks like for you.  

This is YOUR life. Give yourself permission to finally live it!

Let's Work Together

Get back on track and achieve your goals in one (or all) of these areas. I offer 1:1 coaching, workshops, and keynotes.


Rediscover your true self and practice radical authenticity in how you show up in life


Recover from toxic relationships and build deeper connections with your family and kids


Learn healthier ways to relate to others with a True Colors workshop or inspirational keynote


End the downward spiral of self-doubt and exhaustion to lead with more impact

"I've worked with Renea for 10 years. Her combination of dynamic presentation skills, brilliance, and character are truly unmatched... She earned impeccable praise from the workshop participants, and I can't wait to team up with her again in the future."

Tony R.
Leadership Strategist & Trainer

"Dr. Renea is an amazing listener and has guided me to learn how to make my own happiness and joy instead of turning away from it. She met me where I was at the start and guided my way of thinking...I'm now more positive and loving to myself."

Jennifer S.
Coaching Client

"Dr. Renea is a gifted, intuitive listener who is uniquely able to distill what she has heard into valuable, credible insight. If you are looking to be inspired and make a difference in your life, Dr. Renea Skelton is the perfect choice for you!"

Staci M.
Parker County Relations Officer

What My Clients Say...

Are you ready to be happy?

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