"The best design is the simplest one that works!"

                                                                - Albert Einstein

James Porter

Federal Service Retiree, most recently as Deputy Chief, Air Operations Center (AOC) and Air Force Forces (AFFOR) Division (A5C), Directorate of Plans, Programs, and Requirements (A5/8/9), Headquarters Air Combat Command (ACC), Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia.

"Renea and I worked together on several major projects at Hq Air Combat Command, and I can attest without reservation that she clearly displays all of the qualities one would expect of a strong, decisive leader. Due to her proactive work ethic and strong communication skills, she was called upon to support senior leaders in multiple directorates and always delivered top results. Her outstanding support while assigned to my division made a huge difference in our ability to execute our mission."

Jon Bogh

Coordinator of Civic Engagement at University of Colorado Colorado Springs

"I have had the privilege of working both for and with Renea. She continually exceeds the expectations put on her. Her attention to detail, multi-tasking skills, and her incredible, effortless ability to connect with her students and those she comes in contact with is second to none. Renea will always lift those around her to excellence and she engages any size audience, always meeting them where they are. I have never worked with someone so attuned to those around them and so willing to continually go the extra mile.​"

Dennis Clodi, EdD

Adjunct Faculty at Independent Contractor

"Renea is one of the most competent, multi-tasking people I have ever known. Getting her degree, continuing to be promoted in the Air Force, and raising three kids. We need people like her higher in the command structure - then the world would be a better place. I don't know anyone as talented and committed as herself. Renea is a great human being and officer. I respect her service to the country!" 

"This unique training gave me a new perspective of/on myself and what makes me react to my coworkers. It also gave me new perspective on my peers and commander."

"I now have a better understanding and can be more effective with active listening, empathizing, and helping others create their own paths to meet goals.  This training is useful to anyone and everyone!"

"I truly believe that Coaching is such a valuable tool that will help our enlisted core professionally and in their personal life. Through Coaching, I see cadets taking more ownership in the process and therefore learning more about themselves and others. This is no doubt in my eyes the best way to develop future leaders.” 

"What a game changer! I attended a professional development workshop and I know that not only am I a better leader...but a better human because of it. She pushes the boundaries and calls out the elephant - all in an art form! Amazing experience! Will be signing up for more!"

"I really enjoyed your perspective! I attended a previous conference with a presenter who had a PhD in EI who did not do the justice you did today!"

"Very inspirational!"