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Courses, BattlePod Podcast, & Freebies

These resources are designed to help you overcome self-limiting beliefs and blast through obstacles so you can create a more fulfilling (and happier) life.

"Stop Playing Small!" e-Course

What could you achieve if you were confident enough to take risks?

As women, we often don't realize how we can be our worst enemy when it comes to putting ourselves "in the running" for life-changing experiences.

We play small in life. We settle. We get comfortable because it's safer

If we play BIG, we risk failure. We have a fear of stepping out and doing more, having more...yet, we still want it. We wonder how to get it.


"Playing small" manifests itself when you:

  • Deny the full scope of your ability

  • Hold back or "shrink" yourself

  • Sit in the back of a room and lay low

  • Self-deprecate and belittle yourself

Sound familiar?

With my "Stop Playing Small!" self-paced e-course, you'll learn:

  • Why you "play small" and hold back in your life and business

  • How to effectively communicate with power and influence

  • Quiet your inner critic (aka don't water the "gremlins")

  • How to lean into your fear and turn it into confidence

What's included in this self-paced course:

  • 10 videos packed with tips to increase your confidence

  • 42-page workbook to help you "try on" what you learned

Learn how to consistently play BIG in life, personally and professionally!


BattlePod Podcast

BattlePod is about self-awareness. It's about YOU and your mental health.

Sometimes you try so hard to get ahead in life that you find yourself fighting with the world; everything becomes a confrontation, like a constant battle.


The harder you push, the more difficult life becomes...and you feel alone and misunderstood. 

Listen as Dr. Renea shares strategies to deepen your connection within yourself and others—from a perspective that may positively disrupt your thinking.


3 Hacks to Stop People-Pleasing & Create a Fulfilling Life

Learn the nine (less-obvious) signs that you’re a people-pleaser, plus actionable strategies you can use NOW to create effective boundaries with confidence.


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