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Discover the root of your fears, insecurities, and negative thought loops by reconnecting with your inner child. When the "inner child" part of your part is wounded or otherwise suppressed in some way, the impact can manifest in your mindset, behaviors, and emotions...well into adulthood.


In this 80-page digital workbook, you'll learn how to heal past wounds that are still affecting your inner child. You’ll learn about the link between your adult behaviors and the childhood roots they stem from. Most of all, you’ll take this newfound awareness and use it to re-parent your inner child and find the childlike joy within you.


This digital PDF workbook contains 80 pages, including:

- The Inner Child defined

- The importance of reconnecting

- Types of inner children

- Discovering your inner child

- Healing your inner child

- A variety of reflective activities


Peek into some of the pages HERE!


*Please note this is a digital file and no physical product will be sent to you. 

"Reconnecting with Your Inner Child" eWorkbook

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