Passionate about Transformation!

My personal mission is to create opportunities to unlock human potential through the development of personal and professional well-being. I believe in unleashing the power of human potential, embracing diversity, and helping people—and organizations—to thrive! 

As a 22-year Air Force veteran, my extensive leadership experience allowed me to lead organizations into the field of self-awareness, productivity, communication, personality, and emotional intelligence. As a certified Core Values and Emotional Intelligence Coach and True Colors® Master Trainer, I deliver energetic, engaging, and transformational workshops incorporating insights that increase awareness, productivity, and morale. As a consultant, I provide creative, insightful workshops and presentations that transform organizational cultures and individuals into thriving, productive successes.

I succeeded in various roles such as a human resources director, program director, flight commander, educator, curriculum developer, academic evaluator, assistant professor, and certified trainer.  I will help you apply business strategy concepts to your career, determine how to live in a place that you truly belong, and build meaningful and lasting relationships. I challenge you to use your talents to do something you believe in, and thrive in an environment that fits who you are. I will help you live life with the autonomy you deserve, the ability to master your chosen profession and find a higher purpose where you can contribute to a cause greater than your own. I help people disconnected from their purpose uncover and live their purpose.

My thirst for knowledge is deeply inspired by words. As a "joy junkie," I find joy in the simple things in life like my children's belly laugh, meditative moments, and delivering engaging experiences. I have experienced both victories and valleys in life and grateful for them all. I enjoy encouraging others to flourish and to thrive in life through my speakings, writing, and consulting.  As an energizer, encourager, and equipper, I help individuals and organizations to flourish…

I am married to my best friend of 21 years and have three amazing children...and an overweight lazy cat!