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Hello again!

they call me a "People Whisperer" ...seriously!

Hi! I’m glad you’re here. My name is Renea (Re-nay).

First off, it’s important to know that my favorite color is glitter (really, anything bling). I'm insanely obsessed with cheese (it's a borderline problem), and I wish I had a pet Quokka in my life (Google it, it will make you smile). My inspiration comes from being married to my best friend for 25 years and my three amazing kids. As a "joy junkie," I find delight in the simple things in life like my children's belly laugh, quiet meditative moments, and helping women transform into their power.

I know what it’s like to juggle a full-time job, marriage, relationships, children, and finances – all while trying to find some time for myself to just breathe. It’s hard – especially in a busy world full of expectations and people who will judge you in a split second.  

Throughout my life, I allowed others to define success for me. I craved perfection and had a fear of failure, sometimes even success. I felt like an imposter, as if I wasn’t living life authentically - on my own terms and in my own truth. with most stories, tragedy happened. My mother unexpectedly died and my world stopped. I had so many different emotions and I didn't want to experience any of them so I became numb, questioning everything. I questioned my spirituality, my relationships, my future, my worth, even my truth. I allowed the roles I played in life dictate who I was and that wasn't my truth. Deep down I was asleep and knew I needed to wake up. I wanted to rediscover myself, to give permission to finally serve me and not apologize for it - to simply find ME.

Dr Renea Skelton.png

It's interesting how tragedy can make you question life. So, I questioned mine. I began to define my own definition of success and became the author of my story. I gained the courage to open my heart to love hard and forgive quickly. I quit fitting into the world and decided I wanted to belong. I transformed into a disruptor of the status quo, talking about things we hide under the masks we wear. I gained confidence to speak even when my voice trembled.


I became ME.

With a hyper-focus on self-awareness and how we communicate, with others as well as with ourselves, my passion as a Life and Communication Coach revolves around you. You deserve to feel seen, heard, and supported. To not be alone. When you have a deeper understanding of who you are, how you show up, and how others see you, you have an amazing opportunity to shift your life into what it's meant to be. It's a game changer. 

I truly believe that life is not hard - we make it hard. We're here to love and learn. 

This is YOUR life. Give yourself permission to finally live it!

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