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I see you. You're overwhelmed & stressed. You serve everyone but yourself.  

You do it all & feel alone. You lack confidence & feel stuck.

You question your purpose, identity, maybe even your passion.

I get it. You're not broken & you're not alone. You don't have to surrender yourself to circumstances or unhealthy people-pleasing that keeps you from all you're meant to be.

YOU deserve to be see your worth. Give yourself permission.

Hi! I'm Dr. Renea ...

a Life & Communication Coach

As women, we’re nurturers by nature & we’re usually happy to do our part. Somehow, we allow our partners’ needs, children’s needs, parents’ needs, friends’ needs… all come before our own & we put ourselves last. We're so busy taking care of everyone around us that we don’t take time to truly think about what we want without feeling guilty. Our identity becomes lost. Our communication, within our relationships, become toxic or we feel misunderstood & not "heard." 


My personal mission is to support you to make meaningful, lasting changes in your life. It all begins with you. When you work on YOU, everything else falls into place.


Challenge your thoughts. Trust the process, trust yourself.


How I Serve ...

Life & Communication Coaching



Leadership & Confidence

Dr. Renea Skelton is a guide. Someone to trust. She’s anointed by an innate calling to help with an impeccable list of credentials to ensure revelations, uncomfortable growth, & success. She will meet you where you are, & lead you as far as your potential will allow. She’s raw, true, & delicately coaxing. .This anomaly of a Doc will nurture empowerment through honest vulnerability! I HIGHLY recommend her for ANYONE but especially career-driven women juggling family.

- Tristan E

When I needed a Dallas Life Coach, I came across Dr. Renea Skelton. She makes you feel incredibly comfortable, even at your most vulnerable. Asking the best questions to delve deeper into who you are teaches you more about yourself. After uncovering your underlying traits, she unwraps life situations & coaches you on how to better communicate & approach scenarios. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Renea & her gentle yet firm coaching style! I look forward to my next session with her!

- Elizabeth N

Dr. Renea Skelton is the real deal! She not just has excellent communication skills and coaching skills but she also has such a big heart! I am truly grateful that I found her. Her service is top-notched! Thank you Dr. Renea for your amazing gift!

- Dr. Anhlan N 

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