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Your Purpose, Your Life

Sometimes you feel confident, empowered, even brave.

Often you feel anxious, insecure, guilty, & afraid.

I create a space for you to unleash your fullest potential & find the happiness you feel is missing from your life!

Meet Renea

Emotional Intelligence Life Coach

As women, we’re nurturers by nature & we’re happy to do our part. Somehow, we allow our partners’ needs, children’s needs, parents’ needs, friends’ needs… all come before our own in which we put ourselves last. We are so busy taking care of everyone around us that we don’t really take time to truly think about what we want without feeling guilty. Our identity becomes lost. My personal mission is to support you to make a meaningful change in your life. Change starts with you.  Let me help you find your purpose, find yourself!


1:1 Private Coaching

A safe space to be yourself & design a life you can feel confident about.

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Find your purpose, find yourself!

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How I help!

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"Dr. Renea Skelton is a wonderful person. I have heard her speaking in a few events. She motivates people, business and organizations by helping them be more productive and self-aware."

- Karina P

"Love Dr. Skelton! She’s knowledgeable and funny and has a smile that is contagious. As a small business owner, she makes me feel like I can do more and be more. Listen to her words of wisdom, they just may come in handy."

- Rachael W

"Dr. Skelton is phenomenal! I've been inspired by her genuine encouragement and positive attitude. The mentorship she provides is invaluable and I know I can go to her for authentic guidance and feedback."

- Mealinda K


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