Your Purpose Your Life

When you live on purpose and know who you are, life unfolds for you in amazing ways!

Meet Renea

Author, Featured Keynote Speaker, Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, and True Colors® Master Trainer

My personal mission is to create opportunities to unlock human potential through the development of personal and professional well-being. I believe in unleashing the power of human potential, embracing diversity, and helping people—and organizations—to thrive! 

My background is tailored to help you and your organization grow. Let me help!

Let's create better versions of yourself and your organization!

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What I Specialize In


Emotions drive people.

People drive performance.

Leadership is about people, passion, & possibilities.

"Dr. Renea Skelton is a wonderful person. I have heard her speaking in a few events. She motivates people, business and organizations by helping them be more productive and self-aware."

- Karina P

"Love Dr. Skelton! She’s knowledgeable and funny and has a smile that is contagious. As a small business owner, she makes me feel like I can do more and be more. Listen to her words of wisdom, they just may come in handy."

- Rachael W

"Dr. Skelton is phenomenal! I've been inspired by her genuine encouragement and positive attitude. The mentorship she provides is invaluable and I know I can go to her for authentic guidance and feedback."

- Mealinda K


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