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Achieve Your Biggest Life Goals & Find Joy

As a Life & Communication Coach, I empower women to take charge of their life and become their own life coach. We’ll break through roadblocks, challenge conventional thinking, and let go of the need to people-please…all unapologetically.

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I see you, and I get you. You put the needs of your partner, children, parents, employer, and friends before your own—leaving YOUR needs unfulfilled. You set yourself on fire to keep others warm.

you want...

To feel more confident, connected, authentic, and whole.

A peaceful home with happy kids and fewer meltdowns.

Healthier, deeper, more satisfying relationships.

To end the downward spiral of exhaustion and burnout.


You’re stressed and pulled in so many directions.

You can’t focus on your needs without feeling guilty.

Your relationships leave you feeling “unheard.

You doubt your abilities to lead at work.

I see you, and I get it. You may feel broken inside. You are NOT alone.

You don't have to “give in” to unhealthy people-pleasing and situations that keep you from becoming all you're meant to be. You deserve to be happy.

Let's Work Together

Get back on track and achieve your goals in one (or all) of these areas. I offer 1:1 coaching, workshops, and keynotes.


Rediscover your true self and practice radical authenticity in how you show up in life


Recover from toxic relationships and build deeper connections with your family and kids


Learn healthier ways to relate to others with a True Colors workshop or inspirational keynote


End the downward spiral of self-doubt and exhaustion to lead with more impact

Give yourself permission to show up with radical authenticity.

When you do, your life becomes a magnet for people, passion, and possibilities you never imagined.

Hi! I’m Dr. Renea Skelton

As a certified Life & Communication Coach with over two decades of experience, I help my clients use emotional intelligence and effective communication to achieve their biggest personal and professional goals.

Unlike other life coaches, I use a unique approach where I help you reflect on your past to heal pain that's holding you back, and I facilitate your self-discovery to create future possibilities. I’ll help you become your own life coach so that you tackle life’s challenges with clarity and confidence.

Having a deeper understanding of who you are, how you show up, and how others see you allows you to shift your life into what it's meant to be. It’s a game-changer.


"I cannot emphasize how life-changing it is to counsel with Dr. Renea one-on-one. She taught me how to take a slightly different approach when communicating with people. The results were like magic. The more I learned, the more productive I was, and my interactions were more effective. Take Dr. Renea up on her free 30-minute session to see if you click with her!"


Nikki Grote
Attorney & Owner,
Grote Law, PLLC

"Dr. Renea is a GODSEND. I’ve been seeing her for almost 2 years now. My very first session with her broke down THICK walls I’d built up over decades and decades to 'protect myself.' I’m finally on a journey that I am PROUD of…. The version of ‘ME’ now is far better than if I’d have stayed in complacency and self destruction. She truly is the 'Guide on the Side'."


Tristan Evans
Licensed P/C Insurance Agent, The Plexus Groupe

"My experience with Life Coach Renea was outstanding. She expertly guided me to understand myself and others better, offering deep insights and practical advice. Her sessions are incredibly productive, leading to significant personal and professional growth. I highly recommend Renea to anyone seeking meaningful development."

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Jennifer Sistrunk

Oakline Floors

What My Clients Say...



3 Hacks to Stop People-Pleasing & Create a Fulfilling Life

Learn the nine (less-obvious) signs that you’re a people-pleaser, plus actionable strategies you can use NOW to create effective boundaries with confidence.


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