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Sometimes our loved ones can no longer be with us. Your child may feel happy and sad when they think about them. GRIEF comes in all forms and can confuse them. In this adventure, Henry helps a rabbit understand and feel grief.


This book focuses on GRIEF. You and your child will learn strategies in navigating through the emotion and will have many opportunituties to have conversations, allowing you to peek into the child’s life.


When we help children identify and express their feelings in a positive manner, it increases their social-emotional learning, develops empathy, and builds resilience. Feelings are neither good nor bad, they simply are. Children need an emotional vocabulary to name and tame their feelings.


Recommended by parents, teachers, and mental health professionals, "The Adventures of Henry the Hedgehog" is a valuable addition to anyone's library!


To find out more about Henry's adventures, take a peek HERE!

#4: The Adventures of Henry the Hedgehog - The Harvest Moon Festival at Big Rock

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