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True Colors Workshop

What are your TRUE Colors?!

Welcome! Do you want to take your team to the next level in self-awareness & effective communication? Then you came to the right place! I'm a Certified True Colors Master Trainer (there are only 5 of us in the entire world!). Basically, I train facilitators to deliver the True Colors methodology to groups & organizations AND I conduct the workshops. Over 7K participated in my energetic, engaging, & transformational workshops in the educational, corporate, government, & military industries & I'm ready to introduce it to your

What is True Colors?

True Colors is a model for understanding yourself & others based on your personality temperament. The colors of Orange, Green, Blue, & Gold are used to differentiate the four central personality styles of True Colors. This foundational, interactive, and FUN workshop introduces participants to the powerful True Colors concepts. Using genuine True Colors materials, participants will determine their personality spectrum including their most dominant color style & learn to recognize the True Colors of others. Participants will learn to overcome workplace obstacles by strategically applying interpersonal communication skills to persuade & negotiate their way to positive results, develop their assertiveness & influencing skills to build better interpersonal relationships, & foster the appreciation of differences in themselves & others.

Available Workshops:

Personal Awareness & Success

Each of us has our own style, preferences & ways of operating. So how can we all work together? This interactive workshop helps participants explore their own distinctive personality strengths & stressors, learn to respect & appreciate differences in the ways people function & lays the foundation for relationship-building, effective communication & team building.


Effective communication is an essential ingredient for the success of any individual or organization - poor communication increases conflict & loss of productivity. Learn how to improve your individual communication skills & interaction with different personality types to develop & strengthen rapport, boost listening skills & clearly deliver your message in a mutually beneficial way.

Team Building*

Effective teamwork brings new ideas, helps solve problems & increases efficiency.  Ineffective teamwork destroys productivity & performance. Discover the personality types of your Team & identify how team members will contribute their talents & abilities to work effectively & collaboratively.

Conflict Navigation*

The ability to navigate & manage conflict is a powerful & important skill. Whatever the source of conflict may be, personal prejudices, differing interests or eroding personal relationships, it's important to deal with it in a controlled & constructive way. Learn the causes, characteristics & approaches for dealing with conflict.

Consultative Selling*

To fully master the complexity of the sales relationship, sales representatives must go beyond likability & learn to add value through every step of the sales process. In this workshop, you will develop a selling mindset & apply strategy to communicate & sell more effectively to customers of all personality types.

Emotional Intelligence*

Emotional Intelligence equips us with tools that manage emotions, leading to more positive outcomes & a higher quality of life. You will increase self-awareness & enable avoidance of emotional hijack situations. You will also enhance relationship management skills by using techniques to increase empathy.


Parents can find difficulty in adapting parenting styles to each unique child. This disconnect can create unnecessary tension, stress & frustration. Discover how you can understand & appreciate the personality differences which lead to unique behaviors of children, learn new methods to build & promote respect & self-confidence in your children to deepen family relationships.

*the Personal Awareness & Success Workshop is a prerequisite.


Not sure? I can create a customized workshop to fit your needs!

Find out your "True Colors" now!

Take the True Colors online personality assessment. It provides you with unique insights into your own personality type & decision-making style through the True Colors methodology lens. You’ll discover your full personality spectrum & receive an in-depth, personalized 25+ page report which describes behavioral tendencies, includes powerfully effective tips for communicating with people of all personality types, & has a standalone summary desktop report.

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