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Leadership & Life Workshops

Workshops Offered:

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Just being great at your job is no longer enough. Employers want professionals who possess high Emotional Intelligence (EI). In this workshop, assess your own EI, enhance your self-awareness & relationship management skills, & develop the ability to sense, understand & effectively apply emotions as a source of leadership, communication & influence.

How to Leverage Emotional Intelligence During Stressful Times

Stress management is the ability to withstand stressful situations & environments without falling apart. I will show you how to identify stress triggers, introduce cognitive reframing techniques, & setting boundaries in times of stress.

Challenge Your Comfort Zone: Find Your Voice

Our comfort zones are comfortable, but what would happen if you took the first step into discomfort? Get to know yourself & recognize the power behind your voice. I will help you will identify your strengths & weaknesses to build upon them & you will demonstrate the importance of asserting your voice in an effective delivery.

Accountability that Actually Works!

Participants will explore concepts in results & performance accountability with a focus on the systematic use of data to gauge & improve performance within the organization or program. The activities in this workshop will help participants develop skills in accepting responsibility, self-empowerment, & after-the-fact accountability, introducing strategies to avoid the “Victim, Hero, Villain Blame Game.”

It’s Relationship-building, Not Networking!

When you build relationships the right way, you can grow profile & awareness of yourself or your company, find new opportunities, generate sales leads & more. In this workshop, learn the importance of a first impression, identify fears of networking & how to break those barriers, & craft an effective elevator pitch to find success & confidence both online & offline.

Don’t Be Mission Impossible

Create a sense of purpose within your company by clarifying & defining organizational values, eliminate ambiguity, build consistency, & ensure the understanding of your organizational mission. Participants will create a mission & vision statement while aligning personal values to those of the organization to recognize success. Without the use of groupthink, strategies are introduced to articulate your mission & vision statement to your organization for adoption.

Master Public Speaking

The ability to stand in front of an audience is a great confidence builder. Even if you rarely speak to groups, the ability to do so will greatly improve your one-on-one communication. Discover how to overcome fears of public speaking, unique strategies with verbal’s & non-verbal’s & and how to facilitate interaction.

The Invisible Imposter Within You

Our voice of self-doubt prevents us from opportunities, close relationships & our very own brilliance. What’s really holding you back from meeting your potential? I will introduce you to what we all suffer from whether it be in life &/or business…Imposter Syndrome. You will learn how to mitigate this common psychological phenomenon from taking over your world.

Building Up the Women Around You

There are so many different paths a woman can take to rise through the ranks in business to become a leader. One thing is certain, though - no one ever achieves success completely alone. Learn the impact of curiosity, a mentor mindset & using your power for good to help build up you as well as the women in your circles.

Words Have Power: Communicate with Impact

Within the words we speak is an emotional potency. They influence others & build relationships at work & personally. I will help you understand how we can use words to create more successful conversations that produce the results that you desire – in business & in life.

Vision Boards: Purpose, Passion, Prosperity

Visions, whether in words, photos, graphs, or other images help drive behavior & decisions, making goals feel more real & more possible. In this powerful workshop, participants are given the time & space to gain clarity on their purpose (“What”) & their passion (“Why”), igniting immediate movement towards their goals (“How”).

Not sure? I can create a customized workshop to fit your needs!

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