Inspirational Speaking

I make people think; I make people laugh & I make people act. Through authentic storytelling, I deliver high-energy & transformational keynotes - changing perceptions & captivating audiences. You will leave energized & excited to take on challenges with a renewed vigor. 

Whether it's a company conference, leadership summit, women's group...anything - each speaking engagement is tailored  to inspire & inform the specific audience.

Popular Keynotes:

  • "Beyond the Veneer: Living Your Truth"

  • "The Imposter Syndrome Plague"

  • "Mindfulness: Presence over Perfection"

  • "The Blind Spots of Trust"

  • "The Dark Side of EI"

  • "Words Have Power: Communicate with Impact!"

  • "Give Power to Empower"

  • "Stop with the Sales Jargon!"

  • "Banish the Buzz in HR"

  • "Make Your Brain Faster, Smarter & Better!"

  • "Why Do We Behave the Way We Do?"


Customized Talks for:

  • Virtual Events

  • Organizations

  • Associations

  • Meetings

  • Leadership Conferences

  • Schools & Universities

* I customize every presentation taking into account the audience & client's objectives.