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Lunch with Friends

Rediscover yourself in my exclusive
"Let's BE Real!" group coaching community. Guaranteed!
It's a life coach & like-minded women at your fingertips, celebrating, providing support, & encouraging.

Imagine living a life FULL OF LIFE...

Bottom line: It's possible! 

Let's BE Real! is a monthly group membership for women where you can BE authentic, you can BE you, &
you can BEcome

This community is for YOU if you want...

personal & professional support from like-minded women who "get you"
the ability to give & share advice - creating opportunities for each other & together
to learn & unlearn - breaking archaic patterns & narratives
the permission to amplify your worth - finding the confidence to raise your voice & power
scheduled Zoom sessions to listen & share as a community 
a private Facebook group where you can ask questions & network
tons of amazing resources & activities
occasional promotions & giveaways exclusive to you 
It's a judgement-free space with women who are going through the same things in life. We'll share struggles, ask questions, share ideas & knowledge. You'll receive the best tools, strategies & resources to help you thrive in your:






Leadership & Much More!

If you’re serious about your growth & transformation, this is where you’ll want to be.

Let’s Get Real. Join NOW.
Give yourself permission.

Let's BE Real!



Per Month
plus tax 


This community is not intended to establish a doctor-patient relationship, to replace the services of a trained doctor or health professional, or otherwise to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Any actions, or lack of actions, are by choice & is not the responsibility or liability of Dr. Renea Skelton.

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